Anonymous asked:
I don't want to seem rude or too intrusive but what happened to your ear? I read the tags on your post. I'm so sorry if that was too invasive, but by Christ I think you are handsome. I'd love a face as angular as yours. Anyway, enjoy your smokes (:

Blow out due to having to constantly take out my plugs :)


ten years later clem’s eating breakfast and suddenly looks off into the distance and squints

"they were talking about sex."


Jarek Kubicki

i’m literally going to shit on your phone if you keep playing candy crush

I’m getting drunk and high with my parents omfg I’m laughing

I finally got my new bike nyooooooooom
Anonymous asked:
i never talked to you before, but i am in love with you since like 2012/2013

Aw why didn’t you ever talk to me? :\

Anonymous asked:
i am fine, and well, i know you since 2013 probably, i was so shy to talk with you

Oh god, that is quite a while ago- It was a weird and busy time for me. A lot of people came and went, I’m sorry if I don’t really remember you ;_;